Jul 14

Preacher: The Path to Jesse Custer’s Church Less Cluttered

preacher tv series

The last 3 episodes of Preacher (TV series) is becoming less jumbled to me now as compared to the first few episodes.  When I watched the pilot and the following episodes, it was like watching a pinball bouncing off around a maze where the only objective is not to fall down the drain.  The story jumped from one character to another with no clear indication on how they are connected.  For people like me who have not read the comic book series, the show was simply flashing pictures of characters to our faces.  And I see so many good reviews on the web saying how it was probably the best show on TV at the moment.  I tried to watch the pilot again a few more times, but it just will not hold my attention.  I felt the first few episodes were specifically targeted for people who have read the comic book series. ( Read more )

Jun 27

Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale: Battle of the Bitches

cersei iron throne

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who have not seen the season 6 finale.

After the satisfying death of Ramsay in last week’s episode, the finale does not disappoint as it reveals so many more twists and redemption than we expected.  On Cersei’s judgment day, she proves that she has become even more ruthless than ever as she kidnaps her son, King Tommen, and blows up the High Sept.  She kills so many people, along with the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, and her own uncle Kevan Lannister.

In the Red Keep, Tommen realizes what her mother had done and as soon as he was left alone, he jumps from the window.  The iron throne is empty and we finally see Cersei crowned, sitting on the most coveted seat in Westeros.  She had now lost all her children and as Jamie looks on, there is apprehension.  Now that she has nothing else to protect, how much farther will she go? ( Read more )

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Jun 27

Me Before You Review: Epitome of Hollywood Duplicity

me before you

Right off the bat I’m telling everyone now that this is a scathing review of one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  Me Before You is not the worst because of the way it was filmed, but because it presented the life of a pretentious and shallow man who disguised himself to be courageous with his extreme adventures.  Ultimately, it showed him as a man so weak that he could not even take on a challenge that I have seen real people, young and old, take on with such courage and strength.  Yet, it is falsely advertised as a romantic movie. ( Read more )