May 22

How Hodor Got his Name

game of thrones hodor

In season 6 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones, it is finally revealed how Hodor got his name.  I will not spoil it for those who haven’t seen the episode.  Just let it be said that Hodor is his true name as it defines the very purpose of his life — to protect Bran and keep him alive.

hold the door

While there have been memes and jokes made about Hodor, there is no question he is one of the beloved characters in Game of Thrones.  And we cannot fathom how Bran will survive without him.

We are halfway through the season and yet winter has not come.  It feels like winter may come by season 7 yet.  By then, we will have shorter GOT seasons with only 7 episodes each.  From the moment I started watching GOT, my only complaint is that there is never enough and looking forward, the episodes will become even shorter.

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May 22

Outcast: Another Masterpiece from Robert Kirkman

outcast pilot

There is no other insect that creeps me out more than a cockroach. When the first shot of the pilot episode of the new tv series Outcast flashed on the screen, I said to myself . . . “who figured the very first shot of a new TV series should be a close-up of the most gross insect in the world?!”  I thought it was going to be another one of those new series that would be lucky to finish season 1.  Then the head butt came.  And what followed made me turn away because I thought it might make me throw up.  Woohoo! I’m gonna love this show!  This is gonna be freakin’ awesome! ( Read more )

May 03

Game of Thrones S6E2: He’s Alive!

jon snow lives

For many of us, there was never any doubt that Jon Snow would live again.  I’m talking about fans who have not read the book.  Those who have read the book have an idea what is yet to come.  Before this episode, there were several theories how Jon would be resurrected.  The last scene finally confirmed that the Red Witch would have a hand in Jon’s resurrection.  The question we are now hoping to get answered in the next episode is, “is he still the same Jon Snow from last season?” ( Read more )