Apr 01

Finale: How I Met Your (Step) Mother

how i met your mother

For those who have not seen the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, stop right here and watch it first.  It was one of the longest hour in my life and definitely a disappointment after eagerly awaiting the final answer to the question for 9 years.  Whatever the intentions of the writers were, it did become a hot topic with mixed reactions at every corner of the media. Let’s just say I’m on the conservative side of the fence.  I watch TV and movies to give me respite from the harsh realities of life.  Sure, a really edgy movie showing the dark side of humanity is still part of my watch list, but it’s not one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, it was what the writers of How I Met Your Mother went for on the finale after 9 years of fun and laughter. Really???! ( Read more )

Mar 03

Oscar 2014 Winners

Not really sure how to start another post after Oscars 2014, but one thing I do remember is wanting to be part of that group selfie that Ellen staged.  I’m not much of a picture person and I am not the type that comes running to join when group pictures are taken — but this one I’d give anything to even have my finger in.

oscars 2014 group selfie

Ellen’s Oscar group selfie that broke Twitter after being retweeted 1.7 million times within an hour.

Of all the winners tonight, the most deserving for me without question was Jared Leto and I am truly glad the Academy agreed with me. Jared has made Rayon an unforgettable character in Hollywood. Leo still failed to snag the actor award . . . maybe next year.  At least he will still have something to aim for and keep making great movies.  And the moment he does take the stage for the award, it will be epic.

I really wanted Her to win the Best Picture award, but at least it grabbed the original screenplay as a testament to its unique story.  You don’t see a lot of unique stories in Hollywood and hopefully there will be more cropping up soon.  I think I’ve grown tired of movies talking about slavery, disease, boy meets girl, the apocalypse, and zombies.  One that keeps us riveted and scratching our heads has become a rarity.

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see another round of beautiful movies this year.

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Jan 20

Watching Joaquin Phoenix in Her

Her Spike Jonze

Been looking through the Oscar Best Picture nominees this year and decided to give Her a try.  Yesterday, I tried to watch August Osage County, but couldn’t go through another Meryl Streep movie where she has cancer and literally fell asleep halfway.  Saw The Wolf of Wall Street, not bad — but it’s not Inception. I’ve seen Dallas Buyers Club and Jared Leto was very convincing, but it’s too depressing for me.  On the other hand, American Hustle is just another con artist movie with Academy darlings Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.  Last year I tried to see The Master, but it didn’t get interesting enough for me.  Was actually expecting Her to be something weird that I would not pick up on.  It actually blew me away.  The story is set in the future, but really quite simple.  What made it one of the most interesting movies I have seen is the way it seemed to be able to show how we connect with each other as human beings.
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Jan 17

Oscar Nominees for 2014 Just Announced

oscar nominees 2014

It’s that time of the year again when we look back and find out which of the movies in the past year stood out against all the rest as we look through the Oscar nominees for 2014.  Considering that Hollywood has been churning out less and less notable movies in the past years, picking out the best from among movies that are mostly mediocre is not really difficult.  We all know that Oscar picks are not always the most entertaining, but they are still considered works of art by standards that have been embedded in the roots of the Academy for decades.  Once in a while, there are those that have me raising my eyebrows, but I don’t think I know enough about movie standards to judge.  Most of the movies that I found moving or entertaining just don’t fit the bill.  Who cares if I was thrilled to watch a bunch of dwarfs in barrels floating down the river while an elf skips on their heads while shooting orcs? It’s actually a mystery why a nerd like me even bothers to check out the Oscars these days.  The Academy appears to have grown weary of Peter Jackson or of any sci-fi movie to even give them a glance.

And I’m no expert to even hint on any predictions.  I do have my favorites and if any of them wins, I’d be surprised.  If I were to vote, the 2014 Oscar winners will be The Wolf of Wall Street  Her, Leo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong’o, and Martin Scorsese.  Here is the complete list of the Oscar nominations for 2014.  I really hope this is Leo’s year (loved him since Gilbert Grape), but we all know the Oscars rarely favor money-makers.  Though everyone knows they will give him one in his lifetime, he may need a few more wrinkles before he gets the nod.

By the way, I also hope Ellen makes it interesting and funny this year . . .  ellen oscars 2014





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Jan 11

Celebrities as Disney Characters in Photos by Annie Leibovitz

At 40+ (let’s not get into specifics) with 3 grown boys, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Disney fan and always will be.  While I do admit that the past few years of animated Disney movies have not been as good as the ones in the late 80′s and early 90′s, they still possess that magic that every Disney film spreads worldwide.  I do love Ariel, Belle, and Woody, yet Merida’s wild flaming hair and accent is truly unforgettable.

And when I saw Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dream Portraits, I knew I had to post them in my blog.  Since 2007, world-famous photographer Annie Leibovitz was commissioned to do a series of dream portraits to promote the Disney Parks using celebrities to pose as Disney characters.  Though I knew the Disney character at first look rather than some of the celebrities, each portrait was truly worthy of the Disney brand. I loved all of them, but I will just post my favorites to avoid making this post the longest I have ever made.


Drew as Belle

Drew Barrymore as Belle with the Beast

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