Oct 17

Breaking Into Online Writing

Those who have been gifted with the power to wield words and sentences are now augmenting their income (if not making it their bread & butter) by working as web content writers online. Some make as much as US$5 per article or it can go as low as PhP50 per article. I still don’t know enough to gauge the entire range of the rates that writers get.

I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I try to pick up bits and pieces of information whenever I can. Of course, you can’t expect the veterans to just divulge their trade secrets or just pull you into their network in a flash. They worked their butts off to get to where they are now. A newbie like me will have to do the legwork one way or the other. Hopefully I will stumble into some of the goldmines they discovered.

Yesterday, I registered with Sneakin Design. They pay a minimum of PhP50 per article. This is really low considering that the article should have at least 400 words. I wrote the first trial article and submitted it immediately. I need to submit another trial article before I get the complete list of assignments for the 15-day pay period. The highest they pay is PhP75 for a minimum of 150 articles during the pay period. That’s approximately 10 articles per day. Since I have to prioritize my day job, I can only squeeze in the writing while I make my projections and reports. On a good weekday, that would mean 2-3 articles for me. I’ll be lucky if I can even complete 50 articles within the pay period.

Initially, I considered backing out since it would take too much time for so little in return. I changed my mind today and submitted the 2nd trial article. I will just consider this my dry run. Besides, there are no deadlines and you get paid for only what you make. No pressure . . . let’s see where the road leads.

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  1. Angie says:

    I saw the Sneakin Design Site while surfing the net and I’m quite curious about it.

    So, is it worth the time and effort for a writer to get into it?
    By the way, how do you get paid? Is it all virtual money (PayPal) when writing for the virtual world?

  2. faith says:

    Did not pursue it anymore. They pay too cheap. You can get a better deal for writing online.


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