Oct 22

Albus Dumbledore is Gay

During a press conference in Carnegie Hall 2 days ago, JK Rowling revealed a shocking secret about one of her main characters in the Harry Potter series. Dumbledore is gay. (My only reaction after hearing this was “huh?”)

Apparently, a fan asked JKR if Dumbledore ever fell in love to which she responded, “I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” She received a prolonged ovation for this and added that she would’ve told everyone earlier had she known it would be lauded. JKR seasoned the revelation a little more by informing the audience that Dumbledore was actually in love with Grindelwald (his bestfriend who he defeated in a duel to win the Elder Wand) but was crestfallen when the latter turned to the dark arts.

My awe in this lady’s imagination and creativity seemingly does not end with the last Harry Potter book. JKR is known for the way she enjoys fan fiction during the time Harry Potter was still unfinished. She gets a laugh out of all the predictions from the titles to the plot of her HP books.

This latest revelation definitely confirms she is unpredictable and a non-conformist. No wonder speculations on the final plot of Harry Potter turned into some kind of game for most people. There were even books published predicting the outcome of the series based on a serious study of the previous books. Many people want bragging rights for guessing how this brilliant woman’s mind works.

As to how her mind works, here is what she said after divulging Dumbledore’s secret, “I had to give you something to talk about for the next 10 years . . . just imagine the fan fiction now.”

Now, what was that latest news about Piolo and Sam again?

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  1. admin says:

    Yep when i heard this news over the radio, i was as shocked as when i first heard that one of the Wachowski brothers (creators of The Matrix) had a sex-change… Makes me wonder, is Albus top or bottom?

  2. faith says:

    Lol, I say bottom. He seems to be on the gentler side especially when he wept in Book 5 after telling Harry the truth. Besides, he did tell Harry that he cared so much for him. Then again, we never know with JKR . . .

  3. admin says:

    pedophile u mean? =)

  4. faith says:

    :-)) Harry was around 15 during that time already. Maybe cradle-snatching would be more appropriate.

    Btw, gay rights activists around the world were thrilled with this news. And some lines in the HP books are now viewed in a different perspective.

    “You cannot imagine how his ideas caught me, Harry, inflamed me.” (Dumbledore on Grindelwald in HP7)


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