Oct 23

Writing for Sneakin Design


My second trial article for sneakin design was just approved. I can now write as much as I can on the topics available to me. But guess what? Every single topic available is about gambling. Moi? Write about gambling? The topics given to me were either about poker, backgammon, or blackjack. I can barely win a simple game of “tong-its“, let alone write about poker tactics or winning in blackjack.

Looks like testing the waters in online writing will turn out to be a real adventure for me. Wish me luck!

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  1. jo says:

    Hello, ilang days bago ma approve ang articles? thanks

  2. faith says:

    Hi, I didn’t push through with Sneakin Design. The topics were mostly about gambling and they paid too cheap. I found other sites that paid 10x what they offered. I think Sneakin Design sells the articles from their writers to these other sites that pay. You should go direct instead.

  3. Dex says:

    Sayang, was interested pa naman. How much did they offer to pay? Please share the other sites you found. So we can go direct, as you suggested. Thanks!

  4. faith says:

    The first time I tried, they offered PhP50 per article. You can get 10x more if you go direct to the sites or article buyers. Email me at cherry9_3@yahoo.com so I can give you a longer narrative on my experiences.

  5. Balut says:

    I write for Sneakindesign every day. I do not think the pay is low as I can basically pick and choose my topics and write as many articles I want.

    They currently have over 800 topics in queue to choose from. The articles are not hard to write, so if you have a decent word-per-minute count you can really stack up the numbers in your favor.

    I tried other services which paid more, but they did not give me the choice on my topics makingd the articles were much harder to write. so I am very happy where I am.

    I average 20-30K a month with them and they always pay on time – Money is sent out through Kwarta Padala.

    I could never reach those numbers with other companies because they limit the amount of articles per day and they do not let you pick and choose topics like Sneakin.

    Sorry for the long rant, I just got upset when I saw Faith(probably a hiring manager for another company) slag my bread and butter…

  6. faith says:

    I apologize for making you upset. I was just stating a matter of fact. You make 20-30K per month? How many articles do you write? That’s a lot of articles for their rate. I make twice that for 5 times less articles at 250 words per article. If Sneakin Design has improved its policy, then good for you. I’m just saying there are more opportunities out there where people can make more if they just try hard enough to look. Sneakin Design is not the only subcontractor of articles in the net. I’m simply advising writers to open more doors and not be content with what they are familiar with. I’m a freelance writer and I write for subcontractors and directly for webmasters also. And due to the better opportunities, Sneakin Design is just way below my priorities. If writers want to go ahead and stay in their comfort zone and write for Sneakin Design, they can go ahead. I’m not a hiring manager. I am just offering advise for newbie writers and they can opt to take it with a grain of salt.

    You say that Sneakin Design has over 800 topics. I tell you the worldwide web offers more than that for a diligent writer. Where do you think Sneakin Design offers those articles you make anyway?

    You seem to be a good writer based on your comment. I’ve read less proficient writers who make more money for less efforts than you, simply because they were willing to venture outside their comfort zone. Have a good day.

  7. veng says:

    I’m kinda newbie in this business. Can you refer me to any writing job that is easy and really pays?

  8. faith says:

    Hi Veng,

    I’m not sure how you will define easy, but most of my writing jobs I get now from one site. Click the odesk banner at the top of the certified blogaholic’s home page and register as a freelance writer there for free. You will get writing jobs there on per hour or fixed basis. If you have more time and more skills, there may even be other jobs in there that you can apply to.

    Good luck.

  9. faith says:


    For those who want to check out better online income from the web, click the Odesk banner just below the blog title in the homepage of this blog and register for free. If you want proof of how much I make, check out my profile. My income is only change compared to what I see most have been making at Odesk. Since I’m only a few months old in the site, I am looking forward to more lucrative income in the future. For those who plan to join, please try to complete your profile and don’t forget to be active in finding jobs and sending out applications. You wont be able to find anything by just joining and filling out your profile. Here is the link to my profile:


  10. Batang_Puro_Sulat says:

    As of today, Sneakindesign does not have any topic offered. It’s definitely a web “ghost town” for almost 2 months now because of several changes with Google. I hope I will be back to normal soonest!!!



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