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The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

After finishing Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling self-help book, I am still trying to absorb everything. The book is based on the movie produced by Byrne. However, it is the book that has received more mileage, reaching the top of the New York Time’s Best Seller list (hardcover advice) and has managed to stay on the list for 42 weeks. The book is hardly original as it compiles insights and advice from the world’s top mentors on self-improvement.

The Secret expounds on the law of attraction and how it affects our everyday life. According to experts, the Secret has been known by the most prominent and successful people for centuries. The concept is actually very simple – what the mind conceives and believes, the Universe will find a way to achieve. I’m sure we have all heard that before. However, the book includes details on visualization and other techniques to assist the mind in conceptualizing our desires. It is also broken down into several parts that deal with wealth, health, relationships, etc. Nevertheless, every part says the same thing — make your desire known, meditate on it regularly, visualize, anticipate, and believe that it has already been achieved.

One way or the other, we know that the concept is possible. I have never had a serious illness in my life because of my arrogance. I always know and insist that nothing is wrong with me no matter what the doctor says. And voila, I have never been hospitalized with any disease. I’m sure everyone has the same experience in other aspects of their lives. However, what the book explains about wealth, success, or relationships is a little more difficult to comprehend in the 21st century. It would be tantamount to believing that the world of Harry Potter does exist if we believe in it enough. Does the Universe really have that magic?

There are testimonials that it does work. The trick is to believe and never doubt. I’m willing to try it though. Although the word try may just make everything crumble, I will do my best to conceptualize all I have read. Then we’ll see — watch out for my next update in the blog as soon as I receive my first million.



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  1. Gladys says:

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  3. Jules Verne says:

    Very nice book havent read it yet..
    but i do believe the aura is reaching my nerves..
    great upload.. and blog…


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