Nov 18

Beloved Mom of Kanye West Passes Away Due to Cosmetic Surgery

Society’s pressure on women keeps piling up tragedies with the death of Kanye West’s mother last Saturday, November 10, after undergoing cosmetic surgery. The inspiration for Kanye’s song “Hey Mama” and the author of Raising Kanye: Life Lessons From The Mother Of A Hip-Hop Star, Dr. Donda West, passed away after going under the knife for a breast reduction and tummy tuck. After the loss of his biggest supporter, Kanye has laid low and simply released a publicist-crafted statement that in lieu of flowers, donations be made under his mother’s name to the Kanye West Foundation. Until now, 2007 had been a year of amazing highs for Kanye with the release of one of the most successful albums of the year, winning that 50 Cent sales war, the triumph at the BET and Mobo Awards, upstaging almost everyone at the Concert For Diana, and planning his wedding with fiance, Alexis.

Donda West’s cosmetic surgeon is none other than Dr. Jan Adams, host of Discovery Health Network’s Plastic Surgery: Before & After for five years. The show has been canceled following the death of Donda while unflattering allegations against Dr. Adams now starts to surface. It has been reported that the doctor agreed to perform the operation even though other surgeons have refused because of a pre-existing condition. Moreover, according to a post by, malpractice lawsuits have been filed against him in the past and his license has been recommended by the State Medical Board to be revoked previously. The list goes on and on and does not look promising.


It is sad to think that the cosmetic industry is currently flourishing out of women’ s insecurity and need to be accepted. Every part of the human body can now be enhanced in every way possible and women have been targeted as the main customer. Society wants bigger boobs, smaller waist, taut bellies, lean legs, perfect nose, perfect skin, plump lips . . . I can go on forever. Seldom do we see women now that are confident enough to accept who they are and what God has bestowed upon them. Most are either on a diet, working out in the gym, eating granolas and toast, and posting cover photographs of bikini-clad models on the refrigerator door. Grapefruit anyone?

The blog is becoming an obituary. Will have to perk things up — that’s a promise.

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