Nov 25

Myphone: Dual Active Sim Mobile Hits the Market.

For mobile phone addicts, Solid Group’s (Sony Philippines) MyPhone mobiles have become the latest buzz as everybody starts talking about its dual active sim capability. A mobile phone with this capability will definitely be a source of curiousity with several Filipinos here in Manila actually carrying around 2 separate mobile phones from 2 different carriers. Although there had been several attempts to customize popular brands with a dual sim attachment, it proved unsuccessful since the phone still did not allow both sim cards to be active at the same time. Either a switch had to be triggered or the phone had to be turned off and on again to make the alternate line active. Either way, it defeats the purpose since a user manually checks whether a message has been sent to the alternate line and the inactive line is still unavailable anyway. Now, with the T22, both lines get prompted for text messages at the same time and either line is open for calls as long as the phone is not busy. However, if the secondary line is currently in use, the primary line activates its call waiting feature (if this is available with the network).

Over and above the T22’s dual sim capability, it also has the same features that the renowned brands possess. It has a bluetooth technology, a 2 megapixel camera, video and audio recording, caller groups, user profiles, calendar, etc. It also has USB interface for data transfer with a PC and a USB charger ( charging can be done through the PC or through a direct electric plug). The T22 can also serve as a flash drive/removable disk as it has a microSD/T-Flash memory card slot (maximum of 2GB capability). Other hip features include the following — an mp3 player, mp3 ringtones, picture and tone ids for contacts, a flight mode, and a touch screen. For a mere PhP9,999 , the box includes an extra stylus, an extra battery (total of 2 batteries), a handsfree headset, a usb cable (for charging and pc connection), and a separate desktop charger.

I got mine about 2 weeks ago and I am really impressed with the performance. Although I had to get used to some shortcuts that are different from my Nokia, I got the hang of it after just 2 days. My primary line is Globe and my secondary line is Sun. I don’t have to carry 2 mobile phones anymore and I save up on calls. With 2 separate mobiles, I usually get lazy trying to text or call contacts via Sun to Sun if I have to take out my other phone from the bag. So, I just end up using my Globe line to call or text anyone — resulting in over the roof phone bills while my Sun line just lies unnoticed in my bag. For the moment, I can only vouch for short term performance. I can tell you that it has worked fine for 2 weeks without any problems. It will take time before I can give a review on its durability. A Nokia phone will last for years if taken cared of — just minimal drops on the floor or stairs (dropped mine about once a week and I had to change the lcd screen after 2 years). Since Nokia phones here are mostly China-made, I am hoping that the T22’s China manufacturing will hold out just the same. I only have one complaint with the T22 — no softwares for pc synch or for installation in the phone. That means I have to get used to the 3 games that are factory-installed and I can’t put extra softwares like dictionaries, ebook readers, photo enhancers, camera customizers, and all those nifty softwares I get for my Nokia. But I believe it’s a small sacrifice to accept for a phone where I have 2 active lines.

By the way, since the T22 is distributed by the Solid Group, the one year warranty is covered by Sony Serivice Centers. So, if you’re finnicky with warranty and support, this will suffice. For me, repairs at greenhills is more preferable since I also get the challenge of negotiating the price of repairs down to almost unreasonable levels. Anyone who wants to try it out, can get one from Avant Abenson (12 months installment at 0% interest) or other dealers like Compex or Electronics Boutique (3 & 6 months intallment at 0% interest).

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