Dec 17

You Think You’re Ugly? You’re In.

If you think the only person who believes you’re goodlooking is your mother, think again.  On December 1, 2007, people with characters and personalities lined up to audition at Ugly NY — a modeling agency that claims to embrace real people.  The agency has been in search for new faces, but not beautiful ones.  According to an agency spokesperson, “it’s the twinkle in the eyes and the character” that they want.  You don’t need a perfect body, flawless skin, long legs, or deep-set eyes.  You can be overweight, short, bald, or wrinkled.  If you have the personality and the chutzpah, they will sign you as a contract model.  The Ugly Rage Models was founded in 1969 in London and is known to be the best character agency in the world.  Now, Simon Rogers is establishing the same agency in New York that specialize in striking but non-traditional models.

The agency’s website at features special categories such as thugs, x-files, weefolk, bikers, etc. Rogers found one of his newest models recently by approaching an overweight Hawaiian man he thought had a great look.  The man laughed in his face, but soon found himself on the cover of a magazine. The agency, which opened in June, has already scored high profile gigs for its models, including ad campaigns with Levi’s jeans, Nike, Nokia, a VH1 promotion for the video game “Air Guitar” and a video clip for Jerry Seinfeld’s “Bee Movie.”

So, what do you think?  Have we all grown tired of the skinny and perfect supermodels?  Tired or not, this new trend in advertising is refreshing and funny.  Maybe the world finally realized that the real thing may not look better, but it definitely feels better if it brings a smile to our face.

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  1. Beth Wilson says:

    yes i think its great, we are in this niche market aswel and have lots of enquiries for different types of models and tv film extras – Thugs4TVFilms – Casting Agency and Modeling Agency is An online Casting Agency and Modeling Agency for sourcing Tough, Gangster or Thug looking Males, to be considered to be casted as an Actor, Supporting Actor, TV Film Extra or Model & Females interested in Acting, Tv Film Extra or Modelling jobs uk and worldwide.

  2. faith says:

    Yup, I’m getting tired of vain anorexic models with their photoshop pics gracing mags or billboards. It’s about time inside beauty outshines outward superficial beauty.


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