Dec 27

Badminton Anyone?

The only thing I don’t like about the holidays is my vacation from our weekly badminton games.  Yes, you can call me a badminton addict.  But I’m not one of those addicts who play daily or stay at the courts until 11pm until they’re too tired to even walk.  I remember during our few days training for a tournament seeing men and women at the badminton courts playing enthusiastically when it was already just over an hour before midnight.  I look at them and wonder if they have a wife or husband or kids waiting for them at home.  If I were the wife, I’d throw all his belongings as soon as he arrives and suggest he find out if the badminton court would take in bedspacers or tenants.  Except for the 3-day training I had, I only stay until 8pm at the badminton court at least once or at most twice a week.  I enjoy the game, but I wouldn’t sacrifice my time with the kids for it.  I consider it a regular exercise that I I try not to miss out on as much as possible.  My week wouldn’t be complete if I haven’t played at least one game of badminton.

What is it about the game that is addictive anyway? For me, it’s the fast pace play that really gets me.  You need to have fast reflexes physically and mentally.  Even if I don’t win all the time, the challenge really gives me a high.  I forget everything else when I’m playing — my job, my personal responsiblities, my fears, and my disappointments.  It’s just me, my partner, my opponents, and the shuttlecock.  It’s the best stress reliever I have (I get the opportunity to hit my boss with the shuttle without losing my job).  And if there’s anything I really spend on for myself, it’s my badminton gear.  I currently use a Prince high flex Oversized racquet while I alternately use my Adidas with my Victor badminton shoe.  One of these days, I’m hoping that I can already afford to buy a top of the line Yonex racquet.

For those who haven’t tried it yet, give it a go.  Trust me, it’s not the same game that you see kids playing on the street.  It’s considered the fastest racquet sport there is.  And even if you’re not fast enough, the exercise you get for trying to become fast enough is the best cardio exercise there is.

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