Feb 03

Mending a Broken Heart

I finally finished helping with the captions for a friend’s coffee table albums today. It had to be special. Mediocre words were not acceptable for these albums. These will hold the last memories of her 2-year old daughter, Julianne, who passed away April last year.

I can still remember the hollow in the pit of my stomach when I got the call around 2 am the day Julianne left us. Even with only a few hours sleep, I was wide awake when they told me she was critical at the hospital. I called my friend after I got the news. She could barely speak. The only thing I remembered was that she told me the doctors assured her that her baby was responding to medications. I comforted her and told her everything will be fine. After the call, I knew I couldn’t sleep anymore. I rose from the bed, pacing back and forth while I made my silent prayer. A few more calls with other friends were made to make arrangements for our trip to the hospital. But before I even finished dressing up, the call that brought me to my knees came. Julianne was gone.

I have comforted so many friends with broken hearts. But this one was beyond me. No words were appropriate. No words could make it feel better. How do you comfort a woman whose only dream has ended? My own heart was broken. Julianne was the baby girl I didn’t have. While we all struggled to find a reason for what happened, nothing came.

Julianne’s birthday is coming up this February. She would’ve been three by then. I apologize for my sad story this coming valentine’s day. I have very few love stories to share. My memories are mostly categorized only into joyful and heartbreaking. Julianne’s memory is under both. Happy Birthday Julianne.

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