Feb 22

Samsung Duos (SGH D880): Dual Sim Mobile Phone

China came out with a number of dual active sim mobile phones in 2007 to meet the growing demands of people carrying 2 or more cellphones. Attempts to get this market niche was made several years ago with gadgets that will allow sim switching on any cellphone. This initial attempt, however, proved unsuccessful since it requires switching the cellphone off to make the other sim active — meaning both lines are not simultaneously active. Now, technology has found a way to make two lines active in one cellphone. The problem with the China phones is that these come in cheap designs or substandard parts.

In November 2007, Samsung released the SGH-D880, the first dual sim standby cellphone manufactured by a reputable mobile phone manufacturer. However, it is not surprising that very little advertising and promotion was given to the SGH-D880. Mobile carriers will definitely not support any dual active sim mobile phone in the market since it will encourage subscription to another carrier. The rationale behind carrying a dual sim phone is to be able to take advantage of all bonuses or incentives provided by two different mobile carriers. It is also a must for those who travel in other countries who prefer to get a prepaid sim from the country they are in to save on phone bills. On the other hand, others prefer to separate their business calls with personal calls.

The Samsung Duos D880 does not carry lightweight features either. Like current mobile phones in the market, it has a 3 megapixel camera, 240×320 resolution at 262,000 colors, SMS & MMS messaging, internal memory of 46 MB, external memory slot of up to 2 GB, music player, video recorder/player, an FM radio, and bluetooth technology.

It is a slider-type cellphone which provide more space for the TFT-LCD 2.3″ screen. The Samsung D880 is a combination of black, gray, and mirror finish while the sides are a brownish chrome. The only setback I see is its 18.9 mm thickness. However, this is a small price to pay for a dual sim active phone which needs a lot more parts inside compared to single-line phones. Though a little bulky, it is still possible to fit inside pockets.

Overall, the SGH-D880 is the best alternative to other China dual sim mobile phones in the market. If you want style and quality with the dual sim technology, this is your best choice.

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  1. harsh says:

    Few days back i bought Samsung’s (SGH D880): Dual Sim Mobile Phone and i am very happy with the technology used in it. Here i can used two sim in a single phone and i have to carry single Mobile handset instead of two before. It is a phone that has two sim card slots and touch screen gives you the convenience to operate the phone.

    Means that your both sim cards are active. You can receive calls or dial calls from both sim cards and if you are talking on sim card 1, you will be able to put that line on hold and pick up the calls on sim card 2. While talking on one sim card you can pick up or dial calls from other sim card.

  2. faith says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I use a dual sim mobile phone too but the cheaper China versions. Quality wasn’t good enough and the charger didn’t even last a whole year. I had to replace it after 6 months. The new charger gave way after a few months too. I stopped using it altogether.

  3. Kimes says:

    pls how do you use the 2 sims at once? everytime I need to use the other sim, the phone switches off to reboot. Is there no way to switch between one sim and another without rebooting? China phones may have poor quality, but they can perform this task effectively.

  4. jz says:

    same problem here. For some strange reason, only the primary sim card works for incoming/outgoing calls… need to get some kind of technical support. If anybody has some insight, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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