Feb 27

The Thriving Blogosphere

I entered the blogosphere too late. I was so focused on my current job that I neglected my real first love — computers and technology. By the time I realized the web was teeming with opportunities, everyone else has taken the plunge. How could I, the first person to have a desktop PC in our class, come in too late to the huge opportunities that the technology offered?

Now, even my talent in writing couldn’t help me catch up with the rest of the pack. Opportunities are so rare for new blogs like mine. I read other blogs and know that mine is world’s away from theirs. I feel I’m moving at snail’s pace. But I’m a fast learner. I know I will make it soon. I am learning everyday. A couple more sweat, a little perseverance, and I will make it.

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1 comment!

  1. keith says:

    yuh, we’re one and the same. I do share the same dellima with you. I came in too late to this hype.


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