Mar 06

Take a Dive with Rinspeed’s sQuba Car

Did you ever imagine having a car that can cruise the highway and can also take you underwater? Well, hold on to your hats because Jame Bond’s submarine car is now available. The Swiss Company, Rinspeed, launched the world’s first submersible car — the “sQuba.”

The sQuba was named with a capital “Q” to honor the gizmo expert in the James Bond movie which inspired the submersible car. The sQuba was launched in February 2008 but will make its official debut in the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008. It drives like an ordinary car until it’s driven into the surf where the car floats until the door is cracked open and water enters. The car then sinks and can be propelled and steered at a maximum speed of up to 1.8 miles per hour.

But if you plan to go diving in one of your trips, be prepared to get wet because the car is a convertible. According to the manufacturer, the pressure in an enclosed car under water, would be a safety hazard that could pin occupants inside if something went wrong. Instead, breathable air is pumped in from similar compressed air tanks and regulators that divers use. So, if you plan to impress your date with this hot new car, make sure she doesn’t mind getting soaked. And remember to tell her in advance — she wont have to spend any extra time and effort in fixing her hair.

This is an absolutely amazing machine. Just when I thought these things are only in the movies. I will hold on to my savings though. I’d rather wait for the invisible car that “Q” gave Bond in “Die Another Day.”

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