Mar 11

The American Idol Magnet

As season 7 of American Idol progresses, I am glued again to watching pop star wannabes belt out their songs weekly and of course, await Simon Cowell’s interesting critique. Never, in TV history, has there been another character like Simon. He elicits the most unusual responses from me. Sometimes he makes me laugh, other times he leaves me shocked with my breath held for seconds. He is uncouth and abrasive – a refreshing person to listen to amidst the pretentious atmosphere surrounding the entertainment industry. And he especially delivers more comprehensible comments than Paula Abdul’s blabber. More than the singing prowess of contestants, it is Simon that draws me to watch the show.

My favorite contender for the 2008 season, and I’m sure for many other followers, is the 17-year old David Archuleta. Though he didn’t do so well in last week’s performance, he is still the best among all the contenders. I love his rendition of Imagine. Hopefully, he will come up with something just as good this week. So far, he is the singer to beat.

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