Mar 15

Trouble-Shooting Your Life

Wouldn’t it be great if life had a manual you can check whenever something is not working right? Something like a trouble-shooting guide provided by the manufacturer. Making decisions in life has always been difficult for me. The “Follow Your Heart” technique doesn’t work. Prayers seem to take too long. “Honesty is the best policy” is ineffective too. These adages don’t work in real life. Life isn’t that simple. Sometimes lies are necessary. Other times, being selfish and practical will do the job. Right this moment, I’m at crossroads in my life. I wonder if I can just breeze through it without having to decide anything. I think I just want to sleep and wake up with everything already fixed.

How do you think life works? What do we all want? I watched this movie once that said, “we all just try hard not to be lonely.” That’s the negative side to it I guess. Flipping it around, maybe it means we just want to be happy. But most of us have no idea what that really means. Is it really possible to find that coveted “contentment” or “bliss?” Some people think becoming rich will make them happy. Others think it’s accomplishing something important. Then again, some believe that “love is the answer.”

Here’s what I think. We all came into this life with a purpose. The challenge is to find out what that is as we go through the journey and accomplish it. But in order to achieve that goal, we will go through several roller coaster rides. Mistakes will be an essential part of it because it is the best way to learn. What we need to do is be prepared for the ride. Put on your seatbelts, hold on tight, pray, and trust that you will get to your destination someday. And of course, don’t forget to laugh, cry, scream and enjoy the ride with the person beside you and those chosen to take the ride with you.

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  1. hailey says:

    so you mean, the journey is important than the destination? or both?

  2. faith says:

    they are both important. the destination gives purpose to life, but the journey teaches valuable lessons. but most people focus too much on the destination that they miss enjoying the journey. sometimes, they look too far that when the journey seems off-track, they start to believe that they may never reach their goal.

    haven’t you noticed that hard-earned success is more fulfilling than one accomplished so easily? hard-earned success traveled the longer and more difficult road where the traveler learned more than what he would’ve had he gone the easier route.


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