Mar 24

Clean and Green is In

After discovering that the earth’s ozone layer has already been compromised, it still took several years before environmentalists were able to instill in every human being’s skull that we are killing the planet. Now, everything is being watched from emissions to endangered animals. However, what is more alarming is the current rate that humans are accumulating trash that will stay trash until the 21st century discovers a way to turn these into fuel or spare parts. At the rate we are going, in a couple more years, there will be more non-biodegradable material on the planet than there are people.

To avert this impending disaster, sorting and recycling has now become a practice. Unfortunately, this is a practice required only by most developed countries on their citizens. In most third world countries, restaurants still use plastic cups and styropor as food containers. Hopefully, they will catch on soon and manufacturers will at least produce recyclable materials instead.

It is a relief, though, to see that there now exists an industry that specializes in recycling. Making it a money-making activity will mean an increase in recycling among consumers and manufacturers. Technology has developed a recyclable plastic that is now commonly used in manufacturing called High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). It is used for snack food packaging, cereal box liners, non -carbonated drink bottles, margarine tubs, and many other items you see in your cupboards. There are now several companies that purchase Scrap HDPE which will be used for recycling. The value of the scrap HDPE will depend on how well it has been sorted and cleaned. Some are sold loose while others pack them in bundles or even grind them into flakes. It is reassuring to know that this is now a full blown industry where there are distributors and sources. If people know that money can be made from sorting trash, there will be more efforts to make it a practice and a system.

As consumers, it is our duty to contribute in this worldwide effort to clean the planet. Nothing is required much from us either if you are an individual or a commercial cleaning company representative — purchase earth-friendly products and sort your trash. Keeping the earth clean and green starts there.

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