Mar 26

Demi Moore Reveals Beauty Secret

Finally, 45-year old Demi Moore reveals the secret to her youthful beauty — leeches. Urgh!! How far would you go to look gorgeous?

In a recent interview with David Letterman, the sexy and flawless actress disclosed how she recently went to Australia for a body cleansing which included “leech therapy.” Moore said that the medicinal leeches were first placed on her belly button and was allowed to bite her to let enzymes from their saliva get into your bloodstream. These enzymes detoxify the body.

At present, leech therapy or Hirudotherapy is used by surgeons in reconstructive surgery — usually for attachment of severed body parts such as fingers, ears, nose, or scalp. Leeches are used to reattach veins of severed body parts after the surgeon has connected the tissue and arteries. Arteries are easier for doctors to reattach since they are thick-walled while severed veins are more difficult since it is easily congested and can become stagnant. The active ingredient in the salivary secretion of leeches is called Hirudin, an anti-coagulant that prevents blood clotting. Medicinal leeches are also being used for pain relief of osteoarthritis and rheumatism because their saliva likewise contains anesthetics.

So far, all my internet research shows no proof that leeches can detoxify the body — the early Egyptians did use them to remove bad blood. I also know that leech saliva is used in some eye creams for dark eye circles. But several women who tried the eye cream said it was a total waste of money. Will you let leeches suck your blood to look like Demi? As for me, I rather doubt it — not even if the therapy is done by someone who looks like Ashton.

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