Apr 21

Bask Under the Sun in Panglao Island

Majority of my days I spend either at the office or at home taking care of my Mom and 3 sons. It’s a hectic life, but I try to enjoy every minute of it. There are ups and downs. It’s an adventure and a roller coaster ride that I would not give up for anything. How do I survive all the downs? Well, time devoted just for me is the key. For an entire year, it can only be a couple of days. However, it is enough for me to recharge and get enough energy to face more challenges in my life.

A few days ago, I recharged in Panglao Island, Bohol with friends. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, it’s an annual event that every hardworking employee in our company look forward to (one of the perks we really enjoy). It’s the few days in a year that we are free from screaming kids, worksheets, reports, and street traffic. Panglao Island was even more than we imagined. The white sands and pristine waters can calm and relax any troubled soul. We have several activities lined up that we don’t know what to do first. We can go snorkling, dolphin-watching, or visit the famous Chocolate Hills. Those were the days when I am not Mom or daughter or subordinate. I am just me — basking in the sun, swimming on the beach, or eating delicacies I have never tasted before. Some twinge of guilt came at certain moments when I miss my kids and I wish they could enjoy what I had as well. Anyway, I promised to take them to a beautiful place like this someday. I just need to save some extra funds. Now you know why I work so hard on my blog. As soon as I get all the pictures, I will share with everyone our fun-filled days on this blog.

So, for all those who have been working hard the whole year, go take a break. I’m sure you deserve it.

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