Apr 24

American Idol Top 6 Does Webber

As Season 7 of American idol starts to wind down, the top 6 performs Andrew Lloyd Webber songs this week.  With Webber coaching the remaining idol contenders, they get no patronizing remarks like the one they got from Dolly Parton.  Webber hits them where it hurt.  He even tells Brooke that she doesn’t have any idea what she is singing about.  Well, she literally doesn’t have an idea as she stops after the first line and makes the orchestra start all over.  Looks like the other five can exhale after that blunder.  She will be lucky if she lasts another week.

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1 comment

1 comment!

  1. warlock says:

    She (Brooke) was indeed lucky because she did last another week… Sadly Carly Smithson, who did “Jesus Christ, Superstar” last night had to be the one to go… after a terrible performance during the Mariah Carey week, I thought her performance was far better last night… Brooke on the other hand didn’t just “broke”, but practically murdered one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. Well, that’s one of the “breaks” of the game, so…


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