Apr 24

Blog Till You Drop

I have never made so much posts as I did today since I started my blog.  With the launch of Izea’s SocialSparks, I have been writing non-stop since this morning.  I’m making the most out of the opportunities that were made available this morning.  I have to take as much as I can knowing that sometimes opportunities can really be scarce.

This really put my writing skills to a test as my brain worked overtime.  The more difficult part for me is finding a topic for my interim posts.  Ideas are getting harder to come by as the blogosphere continues to widen and stretch on a daily basis.  Hardcore bloggers think that sponsored blogging has polluted their haven.  On the other hand, others have found the opportunity as a gift from heaven.  With the economy on a slump, everyone needs to earn something extra.  I agree that some of the new bloggers have substandard writing skills.  Still, it is not enough to say that Izea has been a bane to the blogosphere.  If media companies can make money from advertising, who’s to say that us normal folks can’t do the same?

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