Apr 24

Carly Smithson is Out in American Idol 2008

Despite the blunder that Brooke White did in her latest performance, she was still saved. Unfortunately, Carly’s rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar was not good enough to get her the votes. Carly has been eliminated, leaving 5 contenders to battle it out in the last weeks of American Idol 2008.

As the competition gets tighter, performances are not getting any better. Even crowd-favorite David Archuleta got a thumbs down from Simon. On the other hand, David Cook’s rendition of Music of the Night still did not impress the overly-critical Simon. Paula’s comment that he had a “beautiful instrument” was funny though. Even with her meaningless blabber, I can’t help but wonder if she meant something else.

I’m still partial to the young Archuleta. He hasn’t performed anything spectacular lately. I can only hope that he has saved the best for last.

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