Apr 26

Rejuventate Your Skin After Soaking in the Sun

A week after letting the sun touch my skin for hours in Alona Beach, I am now on my way to my dermatologist to make sure I did not do too much damage.  I now sport a mild tan that clearly implies I have been out on vacation on the beach. I’d like to keep it that way for another week or two.  But soon I want to get back the fair glow I have worked so hard to maintain.

As ordered by my doctor, I put on loads of sunblock during my vacation.  After soaking in the sun, I should have enough moisturizers to lavish on my skin after a bath or a shower.  This means no sunburns, a good tan, and skin that remains soft and supple.  My doctor also recommends taking oral sunblocks such as Heliocare together with fluid intake.  Unfortunately, the season has made this supplement scarce.  My friends and I could not get any supply no matter how hard we tried.

Now, I am scheduled for my regular diamond peel that will scrub away the dead skin cells I have accumulated since my last peel.  I am hoping the doctor will not diagnose any sun damage.  I don’t want to leave the doctor’s office with loads of new creams or medicine on my bag with my wallet almost empty.

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