Apr 26

The Benefits of Yoga

basics of yoga

I started off with a brief description of yoga in my previous post. Every now and then, I will post information on yoga, touching on specific topics of the practice. For now, I will cover the basics and start with the benefits that practicing yoga can provide. Yoga provides both physical and mental benefits that improves the overall health of those who practice it on a regular basis.

The physical benefits of yoga includes flexibility, strength, improved posture, and better blood circulation. The stretching exercises gives specific muscles and joints flexibility which further leads to toned muscles and better posture. Balancing poses, on the other hand, gives strength to legs and arms. The push-ups also gives strength to the upper body. Better blood circulation is one of the major benefits of yoga. This translates to improved brain function and better immunity. Toxins are likewise efficiently flushed out which keeps the liver, kidneys, and other organs healthy.

Meanwhile, the physical activities of yoga combined with the breathing and balancing poses provides stress reduction, mental calmness, improved focus, and body awareness. Regular yoga practice will make you aware of which parts of the body is stronger, which ones are weaker, and which parts of the body improves alignment and balance.

Specifically, yoga has been known to help people with allergies, asthma, back pains, migraines, and even heart problems. There is also prenatal yoga which helps pregnant women with the discomforts that come with having a baby. Pregnant women who practice yoga during their pregnancy are also known to have easy labor and delivery. Some even claim that labor and delivery were virtually pain-free.

For me, the best benefit I get from yoga is the improvement of my scoliosis. My allergy attacks was significantly reduced since I started yoga. I will start researching a little more to help with some of my other health problems. I have trouble sleeping sometimes and I believe there are exercises that can help with insomnia. Watch out for the rest of my yoga series.

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