Apr 30

Austrian Man Imprisons Daughter and Fathers Her 7 Children

I read and heard so many horror stories in my lifetime. At the moment, none of them compare to the horror that Elisabeth Fritzl went through as her father imprisons her for 24 years in a windowless cellar in Amstetten, Austria. The 73-year old Josef Fritzl admitted to holding her daughter hostage for 24 years in a basement under the house and sexually abusing her. The basement, running under the entire house structure and the garden, was constructed by Fritzl himself complete with rooms, kitchen, and a bathroom. The entrance was hidden behind cupboards in the cellar and controlled by a keyless-entry system.

Elisabeth, now 42 years old, narrated that her father started abusing her since she was 11 years old. When she was 18, her father lured her into the basement, drugged her, and kept her hostage for 24 years. Her disappearance was explained by her father saying that she had run away. This was supported by letters that he had forced her to write. She was constantly raped by her father which led to the birth of 7 children. Three of her children, Kerstin (19), Stefan (18), and Felix (5), never saw daylight in their lifetime as they were kept hostage together with their mother. The other three were taken by Josef upstairs and told his wife that his missing daughter left them on the doorstep.

Things started to unravel when Kerstin fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital by her grandfather with a hidden SOS note from her mother on her. Authorities carried out a DNA test and discovered that her grandfather had indeed fathered her. When police issued a bulletin in attempts to locate the missing mother, Josef produced Elisabeth and told his wife that she returned to see her daughter. Everything came out in the open when Elisabeth was brought to the hospital and interviewed by the police.

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