May 01

Paula Abdul’s Babble Becomes Blunder

It was the strangest night American Idol has ever had. Paula stole the show from the contenders when she dished out a serious blunder while giving her comments to Jason Castro in the first round. For the recent episode, the 5 contenders were made to perform 2 songs — 1 song per round for 2 rounds. Due to the limited time, the judges were made to comment on all the performances only after each round.

In the first round, Paula Abdul was looking at notes written on index cards (supposedly made while the performance was ongoing) so as not to consume too much time in delivering her opinion on all contestants. After the first round, she gave her first comment to Jason Castro on the first song. The blunder came when she followed up giving a comment on the second song which Jason has yet to sing, even ending it with saying that both songs made her feel like he was not fighting hard enough to stay on the top 4. The crowd was already laughing way before Randy tried to save the moment by telling Jason that both were for the first song only. Ryan Seacrest came in saying that she was seeing the future while Simon went ahead and gave his critique to cover up for the mistake.

Needless to say, Paula left people wondering whether she was on drugs or if the whole show was indeed scripted to influence the public. To me, she seemed drunk — actually, whenever I watch AI these days, she always seemed drunk. Maybe because of the time limit, producers let her make her notes in advance (or these were made for her) since it takes her too much time to give her critique. I guess the change in format confused her even more. Anyway, for those who didn’t get a chance to see it, check out the video below.


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