May 02

Beauty Knows No Shape Nor Size

Is the era of skinny flat-chested supermodels coming to an end? In March 2008, 16-year old Chloe Marshall was elected as Miss Surrey by residents to compete in the Miss England Finals on July 18, 2008. You wonder what is special about the 5-foot-10-inch-tall teenager that earned her a spot on my blog?

Well, Chloe Marshall is not only statuesque and beautiful, she also tips the scales at 176 pounds and sports a DD cup brassiere. The voluptuous Chloe will be the first plus-size in British history to compete in the upcoming pageant. The outspoken beauty claims that it is time for plus-sizes to come back. She wants to be a role model to teenagers worldwide and prove that beauty does come in all shapes and sizes. She is confident that she will stand out above the rest of the contestants.

Sometimes I wonder when the standard of beauty dictated a small waist, skinny arms and legs, big butts, and big breasts. During the time when the greatest artists in history worshipped women in their paintings and sculptures, women were curvy and full. Through the years, the standard of beauty evolved which made women stop eating, stuff silicone in their breast or butt, and siphon off fats from their body with strange machines. Some would take medicine that would make them thin while their liver slowly deteriorates.

Different people have varied definitions of beauty in women. For me, a woman’s beauty is defined by the way she talks, her smile, her laughter, the way she manages success and failure, and how she looks holding a child in her arms.


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