May 02

Yoga Asanas: Siddhasana or Accomplished Pose

As I mentioned in my last post regarding yoga, the session starts with breathing exercises to soothe and relax the yogi. Breathing exercises are usually done while in seated yoga poses, specifically, the Siddhasana or the Accomplished Pose. In the Siddhasana, buttocks are on the floor with your legs crossed in front. One foot closes on the inner thigh while the other is close to the ankle of the other foot. Hands are rested on each knee with palms facing up or down. It is unnecessary, but it is better that each hand uses a hand Mudra (hand postures) while in the pose. I will make a separate discussion on the benefits of hand Mudras in another post. The Mudra that is commonly practiced for the Siddhasana is the Gyan Mudra — thumb and index finger touch each other gently while the rest of the fingers are upright. Hips should be pressed gently on the floor, and the spine is straight but relaxed. Shoulders should also be relaxed and dropped back while the chest is pushed forward. In this pose, every part of the body should be relaxed, especially the face, jaw, tongue, and the tummy. With eyes closed, the yogi starts the breathing exercises.

The Siddhasana is the pose that is taken for meditation. It also opens the hips and lengthens the spine. It also induces relaxation and calm. This is similar to the Easy Pose or the Sukhasana, except that in the Sukhasana the feet are crossed, both under the knees. Both poses are under basic yoga for beginners. Variations are done in intermediate or advanced yoga with the half lotus or the full lotus. Half lotus is where one foot rests on top of the opposite thigh while in the full lotus, the legs are crossed with each foot resting on the opposite thighs. I will go into more complicated poses in the future. This series will follow the same progression one normally goes through in yoga. Next post on yoga will discuss eye exercises.

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