May 04

I am a Purse Addict

I really don’t remember when I started getting addicted to handbags. Now, I feel a certain comfort and thrill purchasing a really good handbag. Even while walking around, I tend to look at bags that people are carrying. My fascination is not limited to ladies’ handbags. I also find myself admiring those hip messenger bags that men carry around. I know I am not the only one with this inclination. I read about women who have entire closets of bags they barely use.

Due to my limited budget, my fascination can’t go so far as collecting as much as other women do. And there are certain types that I really don’t find attractive, no matter how expensive like the Hermes birkin bag. If I am not mistaken, it is considered  one of the most expensive bags in the world retailing at about US$16,000 per piece — you can buy an entire warehouse of bags at this price. Hermes is known to use exotic animal skins for their bags such as ostrich or crocodile. There are special or limited editions Hermes that cost even more and have rich women queued to purchase it for as long as 6 years. To give you an idea, the Hermes Birkin Fauve Crocodile Toffee pictured on the right is up for bid in an internet site with a starting price of U$55,000. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I keep thinking how many people in Africa can be fed at that price. There are indeed limits to my infatuation. I just don’t think this bag is worth the price even if I had the money to afford it.

I go for soft leather bags. I have soft leather bags from Celine and Hush Puppies. I even like bags combining leather and straw or woven native materials. One of my favorites that was a gift to me is a woven native Esprit bag with leather trims and handles — simple but chic. I have a similar Etienne Aigner bag stored in my closet. As you may have noticed, I am still on the cheaper side of the spectrum. Do you want to know what my dream bag is? No, its not the Chanel quilted lambskin bag — the style seems to fit older women. And I don’t like the speedy monogram Louis Vuitton bags that I see everyone carrying around. My dream bag is a medium Balenciaga Motorcycle City bag in brown or tan. The bag is made of soft goatskin and retails over US$1,000. That about estimates the annual fee I pay for one of my son’s tuition. Well, someday I know I will get one. For now I can just enjoy watching. The owner of the company I work for has a daughter who visits the office regularly and she carries the exact Balenciaga City bag shown above. The first time I got on the elevator with her, I was staring at her bag, practically drooling. It was definitely authentic because I can see how soft it was and the grains on the leather were visible. An authentic Balenciaga droops when empty while a replica keeps its form even with nothing inside. I considered getting a replica. But I don’t think my heart can take it.

I guess I will have to wait it out till I’ve saved enough. For now, I am content getting decent leather bags. My target purchases in the near future is a Fossil leather bag or maybe a cheap Colehaan from Ebay if I get lucky. Otherwise, admiring them from a distance will suffice.

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