May 06

Is Global Warming Inevitable?

After watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, I feel a sudden panic rising in my chest. I look at my kids and wonder if we can still find a way to make it better for them. Do we still have time? Can we reverse the damage we have done?  Watching the polar ice caps melting on the screen is enough to make a mother of three living in a tiny archipelago lose sleep.  And one question keeps revolving in my mind — how could we have let this happen?

For more than a decade, God has already given us signs that we are destroying the wonderful home he has given us.  Climate has become erratic and unpredictable.  The El Nino and La Nina phenomenon would alternately occur on an annual basis.  In the Pacific, temperature on summers continue to increase annually while rainfall would come at the most unexpected seasons.  On the other hand, the temperature of the Atlantic likewise continues to increase leading to super typhoons such as Katrina.

Yet, we continue to pollute the atmosphere with emissions from cars, factories, and power plants.  All over the world, rainforests are disappearing while more species of animals are added to the endangered list at a fast pace.  Are we doing something about it? I have not lost faith.  The substantial increase in the price of gasoline may prove to be our hope.  Current fuel prices finally compelled the automotive industry to find alternatives.  Hybrid cars have been invented.  Soon, there will be vehicles powered by air, water, and heat from the sun and eliminate emissions that are slowly killing the planet.  The human instinct to survive and overcome adversity is starting to kick in.  The human spirit will not allow defeat.  We refuse to be part of the endangered list.

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