May 06

Typhoon Nargis Leaves 22,000 Dead in Myanmar

Environmentalists have been telling us for years that global warming is getting worse. Efforts to keep the planet healthy continue to fail as more people disregard the warning signs and refuse to change habits and lifestyle. Experts predicted that if global warming does not slow down, climate changes will become more frequent and extreme weather conditions will occur worldwide. Super typhoons and heat waves will continue to increase as we continue to destroy the Earth’s atmosphere with deadly emissions.

The latest hurricane to hit the planet, cyclone Nargis, landed last Saturday on Myanmar (formerly Burma), killing 22,000 at the latest count. The final death toll is expected to be huge as reports coming in indicate that entire villages have been flattened and eradicated. The World Food Program also reported that vast rice-growing areas have been wiped out. This includes the Irrawaddy River delta region which is regarded as the country’s rice bowl. With headlines warning people of an impending world food crisis, this is indeed alarming. Vietnam has decided to limit rice exports due to short supply. This was likewise attributed to weather conditions in the region. This led to the unexpected increase in the price of rice, especially in Asian countries where rice is considered a food staple. The latest disaster will likely hike prices even more.

Following the disaster, outpouring of aid commenced all over the world with UN volunteers now trying to secure visas to reach the military-controlled nation. Myanmar has been under military rule since 1962 and hostilities between democratic nations and its leaders have not eased because of alleged human rights violations in the country.

Nevertheless, the military leaders have signaled willingness to open its doors to international agencies for fear that citizens would lay blame on them for not being unable to extend the necessary aid to constituents during this crisis.

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