May 07

Memory Gap Hounds American Idol 2008 Contenders

Jason Castro’s charm and cool dreadlocks were not enough to get him out of the fix when he forgot the lines to the second verse of Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” last Tuesday.  Simon simply told him to pack his suitcase, anticipating that the 20-year old Texan would be the next one to be booted out of the competition.  Randy Jackson commented that he wasn’t “in the zone” while Paula remained kinder. Earlier that night, he rendered Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff” and still received bad reviews from both Randy and Simon.

Castro is the third American Idol 2008 contestant this year to forget the lyrics to his song.  Earlier on, it was David Archuleta who fumbled with the lyrics to his Beatles song while Brooke White had the orchestra restart after forgetting the opening verse of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “You Must Love Me.”

With bad luck currently hounding the contestants and Paula’s recent blunder,  are these signs that the reign of American Idol has come to an end?

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  1. Fran Coco says:

    I liked Jason’s first song and David Cook’s second.

  2. cherianne says:

    I really Jaason…. He’s charming & he can sing, and he’s DIFFERENT! He doesn’t fit into AI’s idea of a “winner”, so yes it’s very obvious the judges don’t like him & make comments like “pack your bags”. How rude is that? Jason makes me think of Taylor Hicks, he wasn’t popular with the judges either, but he had a HUGE fan base…. which got him the votes he needed. The same applies for Jason,… he has a large fan base too. As for the other contestants flubbing their lyrics, look at how many times David A. has done that & he’s still there, taking instructions from his dad. I am tired of his monotonous voice & wierd lips. David C. is good, he will do well even if he doesn’t win AI, which he probably won’t since he doesn’t have a huge fan base… shades of Daughtrey a few years ago? The black girl is good too, and she’ll do good outside of AI, becausae she won’t win either– no fan base again. So…… Here’s to Jason! A singer who doesn’t conform and who has charm & personality. I hope he wins!


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