May 07

My Writing Opportunities

Last night, I did several sponsored and non-sponsored posts but it was the the most stressful night I have had.  I failed to check the timelines and deadlines and found myself scrambling to submit all of them on time.  I made it though.  I only hope the quality of my post did not suffer.  But, I already learned my lesson.  Next time, I have to check the opportunities that I will be taking and make sure it does not coincide with those I have earlier committed to take.  Then of course, I have to learn to let go.  I can’t everything at the same time.  Regardless of how good a writer I am, it is just not possible to take everything and submit your work without batting an eyelash.  Whew!

After the whirlwind, I am breathing for a while.  I have another article due in a few minutes.  I also got accepted in another get-paid-to-blog site where I immediately got an offer from an advertiser.  Cool!  Just another hard days work.  I am still looking forward to more writing and hopefully, better time management.

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