May 08

Jason Castro Says Goodbye

And then there were three. As Simon predicted, Jason’s charming smile was not enough to save him from his mistake in Tuesday’s performance. Jason was voted off Wednesday, leaving David Archuleta, David Cook and Syesha to battle it out in the final stretch of the competition.

The 20-year old Castro started strong during the initial stages of American Idol 2008. However, his performances started to slide down the line and had been in the bottom 3 in some instances. Despite weak performances, he was able to hold on longer due to the fan base he has already earned. Apparently, Tuesday’s performance was his last when he forgot the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man.

I’m a bit disappointed because I was hoping that it would be the 3 guys who I have chosen as my favorites to be competing in the final stages. Jason shouldn’t worry though. Despite the loss, I believe he has the charisma and the talent to make it in the business. That smile of his will definitely bring him places. A little experience and about a year or two in maturity could make him the next pop idol.

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