May 08

Nokia’s Answer to the IPhone — The Nokia Tube

Gadget geeks are eagerly anticipating the latest high-tech mobile phone that Nokia will release in the first quarter of 2009. I am talking about the Nokia 5800 Tube. Many say that it is Nokia’s answer to the Apple IPhone but definitely better.

Like the IPhone, the Nokia Tube will be the first touchscreen S60 Nokia phone with a 3″ display at high resolution (16:9) graphics and interface. It will be a quad-band mobile phone that supports GPS and geotagging. It will be a camera phone but it will not be as good as the N Series. The actual dimensions are uncertain but it will be close to the N73, just a little bit wider to accommodate the bigger screen.

It does look like the IPhone. Unforunately, the numerous IPhone replicas does not imply that looking like Apple’s mobile phone is an advantage. It could be mistaken as an IPhone clone. But it could’ve done better had Nokia come up with a unique design rather than trying too hard to look like the IPhone.

There is still no official press release on the Tube, just speculations. Nevertheless, it may be worth waiting for.

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