May 09

Sunshine in My Life

I’m starting to feel it again. It happens at the most unexpected times. When it overcomes me, I just sit quietly on my bed staring out the window. Then I hear the squealing and laughing beyond the bedroom door. I’m brought back from my reverie and I smile as I hear 3 boys teasing each other outside, the youngest laughing his heart out. Just hearing him laugh makes me laugh too. There is nothing hidden in his laughter. It is pure mirth and joy. I hope he doesn’t change. I often beg him to stop growing up while he sits heavy on my lap.

They say that everything in life is created in perfect balance — the good and the bad, the black and the white,  the light and the dark.  Everyone has dark moments as we struggle to make the best of our so-called life.  Happiness means nothing without sadness just as triumph means nothing without failures.  In my dark moments, I am lucky enough to have been given 3 rays of sunshines.  In their dark moments, I will steal the sun itself just to bring light into their life.

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