May 11

ECommerce is Thriving

I have recently discovered the convenience of online shopping. Now, it has become a habit to check out my options online first before I go out to the malls and buy an item. I discovered that there are better options online at better prices. Of course, you must remember to exercise caution and prudence. I have bought bags, shoes for the kids, flip flops, and cosmetics.

This current trend paved way for an efficient market system where entrepreneurs minimize their expenses. In turn, consumers get more value for their money. It’s really a good deal if you think about it. The only disadvantage of online shopping is the issue on security. How do you weed out the rotten eggs trying to take advantage of the system? It’s the only thing that has kept the industry from soaring to greater heights.  Theft from both sellers and buyers have kept the conservatives from playing the field.  Despite the continuous advancement of technology, unscrupulous individuals still find their way into the market, challenging every remedy that has been established to keep them away.  We can argue that theft exists in every market. Still, an entire industry supported by chips and frequencies is more suspect.

Whatever the setbacks, I believe that the internet is still the market of the future.  Soon, the primitive task of getting out the door to buy your groceries with cash will be obsolete. World markets and economics will soon operate and flourish through wireless connections and online transactions.  Whether this is something to look forward to, we will just have to wait and see.

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