May 16

American Idol 2008: It Looks Like a David versus David Finals


As American Idol 2008 rounds up to the finals, David Cook outshines the young David Archuleta and the lone surviving female, Syesha Mercado, last May 13, 2008. The last 3 contenders in this season’s American Idol sang 3 songs each to prove their mettle and fight their way to the final round. The first song was chosen by the judges where Cook shone brighter than Archuleta and Mercado singing Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.” The song was chosen by Simon which had the hard-to-please judge declaring, “Round 1 goes to Cook and Cowell.” Archuleta sang Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” which was chosen by Paula Abdul while Mercado sang “If I Ain’t Got You” chosen by Randy Jackson. Both performers did not make any blunder but did a mediocre performance compared to Cook.

In the second round, the contenders sang songs of their choice where Archuleta sang With You, Mercado sang Fever, and Cook sang Dare You to Move.  None of the contenders scored in that round with all 3 getting bad reviews from the judges.

The final round, songs chosen by the producers,  was a bust for Mercado who sang Hit Me Up.  Meanwhile, Archuleta got an ok from all the judges for Fogelberg’s Longer but Cook got better reviews with his version of I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing.  Personally, it seemed like the producers were setting up the finals into a David versus David contest.  Although I initially favored Archuleta, I think Cook has a better chance of clinching the title for the seventh season.  He showed more creativity and versatility while the 17-year old’s talent was limited to performing ballads.

With American Idol, we don’t really know which end is up.  Still, both contestants deserve to be in the finals.  May the best singer win, rather than the one with the most votes.

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