May 18

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening

Another movie I’m looking forward to seeing is M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. I am a big fan of Shyamalan since the unforgettable The Sixth Sense. After watching the academy award winning movie, I was hooked. Shyamalan delivers movies that are unique and entertaining. Some of my friends find his movies weird, but I find them absolutely amazing. Though The Sixth Sense remains my favorite, I have seen most of his movies and watched most of them twice. The Lady in the Water was the last one I saw and now I look forward to his first R-rated movie.

The Happening stars Mark Wahlberg (another favorite) who takes his family on the run as the world encounters a global environmental crisis where trees and plants release deadly neurotoxins. It is set for release on June 13, 2008 which was deliberately planned to fall on Friday the 13th. Most of Shyamalan’s movies were those I got see with my kids. This one I have to see on my own because of the R rating. I did not think that Shyamalan could create something that could depict violence and disturbing images. Knowing how good and talented he is, this one I cannot pass up.

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