May 20

China Quake Death Toll Outnumbers Myanmar Tragedy

The death toll and missing people from the China quake has now risen to 70,000 as rescuers reached the epicenter at the Sichuan province. On the other hand 247,000 were reported injured. Meanwhile, panic and pandemonium accompanies aftershocks that continue to come 8 days after the devastating 7.9 magnitude quake hit the region. What makes my knees weaken is the number of children who perished in school buildings that collapsed during the quake. Those could’ve been mine.

Parents of children who had died made public protests demanding justice and punishment for those responsible for the substandard construction of the school buildings.  Chaos continues as the government strives to restore calm and ensure that hundreds of homeless people are taken cared of and fed.  With hundreds of aftershocks felt within the past week, most of the Chinese have decided to sleep on the streets, fearing that another earthquake will leave them buried under their own houses.

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