May 21

And 2008’s American Idol is David . . .

As expected, the American Idol for the 7th season will be David. Question is David who? It is now down the wire as Syesha Mercado was eliminated with this year’s American Idol final showdown will be David versus David . . . better yet let’s just say it’s Cook versus Archuleta. No doubt fans of both contenders are battling it out as well trying to convince people that their man is the better singer.

They say that one is original while the other is adorable. It is undeniable that both have the makings of becoming a pop star. One sings heart-rending ballads, the other cool alternative rock. The clock is ticking before the curtains are raised and the final showdown begins. I can’t make a prediction — it is a close call. Cook has the experience while Archie is barely floating without his father. Meanwhile, Archie’s puppy face has girls screaming in frenzy while he serenades them with his love songs. I only have one wish — that fans will not make the difference when the voting begins. Rather, I hope those who objectively listen to both contenders be the deciding factor. Good luck David. May the best one win.

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