May 23

Cook Wins American Idol 2008

Though many believed that David Cook was the better singer, there were doubts about him clinching the title after the reviews handed out by judges on their finale performances the other night. Still, it has been proven that the judges’ choice were never that big a factor in the finals. At the end of the day, the winner would be the one who got the majority of the audience, regardless of the judges’ opinions.

The final statistics were close. This year’s voting reached 97.5 million, beating the previous record by 23 million. Of total votes, Cook received a close 56%, beating the young Archuleta by a mere 6 percentage points. Apparently, Cook hoarded more of the other contenders’ followers than Archuleta. Moreover, it appears that bad publicity on Archuleta’s father may have affected the public’s preference. Tagged as the stage father from hell, Jeff Archuleta was banned from the AI backstage after disregarding producers’ mandate to keep the lyrics of David’s “Stand by Me” unchanged. Instead, he had David sing the song with Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls.” This had been the last straw after reports that he has consistently badgered producers, the band, vocal coaches, and even other contestants. Too bad for the the young Archuleta since he does have the talent and the charisma to make it even without his father shadowing every move he makes. Hopefully, the turn of events will serve as a lesson for the stage father.

Many believe, me included, that the better singer won. However, this is not for Archuleta’s lack of talent nor his incapacity to beat Cook.  Like any game or sport, triumph favors the experienced and weather-beaten player.  Someday, Archuleta will have his turn at the spotlight — that is, if his father learns to take the back seat and allow him to have faith in himself and stand on his own.

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