May 24

Nintendo Fumbles With Wii Ware

Nintendo’s Wii revealed its own portfolio of original and downloadable games this month with the WiiWare.  It was intended to widen consumers options through digital download services and take out the costs of both publisher and retailer.  It will provide developers more room and less risk — ultimately giving consumers a better deal.

However, initial reports show that there are big problems with the system that still had to be worked out.  There is only 512 MB on-board storage and the interface is not exactly the best.  the limited room limits the players choices.  Though you can store the games in an SD card, you will still need to copy them back before playing.  This will definitely bring out complaints from heavy users.  While it is still in its maiden stage, space is already limited.  It will definitely not fare any better in the coming years.  Nintendo seems to have blundered this great opportunity.  We’ll have to wait and see how they will work this out.

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