May 25

German Parents Offer Baby at Ebay for 1 Euro ($1.57)

It’s sad that there are more news of atrocities than kindness lately. After news broke out about a father imprisoning his daughter for years in the basement and impregnating her, now a German couple offers their 7-month old baby at Ebay for 1 Euro.

“Offering my nearly new baby for sale, as it has gotten too loud. It is a male baby, nearly 28 inches (70 cm) long and can be used either in a baby carrier or a stroller,” police quoted the ad as reading.

Police are currently investigating the 23-year old mother and 24-year old father for child trafficking. No offers were made for the child in the two hours and 30 minutes the ad was posted on Tuesday. EBay later deleted the posting, but assisted police in tracking down the parents.

The mother claims that the ad was merely a joke. How come no one is laughing?

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