May 25

Most Popular Game of All Time

It already cost Ed Greenwood his job when New York City mayor Michael  Bloomberg caught him playing the game round the clock.  It is a game included in Windows default games and keeps bored employees busy. What is it?  It’s Solitaire.

I was never addicted to the game.  I prefer Zuma or Bejeweled.  Apparently, it is the game that keeps people glued to their PCs, forgetting that they still have more productive things to do.  My Mom plays it once in a while.  But she still prefers scrabble which keeps her brain working which is important when you are already 71 years old.

It will never rank at the top of the list for gamers.  Yet, none of them can argue that more people play it than those complicated role-playing games or fighting games they are hung up with.  Then again, if your kids choose this over the current computer games in the market, there is no risk of making them numb to violence and gore.  On the other hand, don’t be surprised if they end up spending time in a casino when they get older.

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