May 28

Teen Gamer is Mayor of Oklahoma Town

John Tyler Hammons, a 19-year old self-confessed gamer, triumphs over 70-year old Hershel McBride in the mayoral elections at Muskogee, Oklahoma last week. The American teen is no different from other teens — he loves rock, joyrides, video games, and hanging out.  However, unlike the rest, the population of 38,000 in Muskogee have placed the leadership of their town in the hands of the young man.  He claims that the public’s trust in him is the most awesome experience he has ever had.

Hammons  garnered 70% of the town’s vote, winning over former mayor McBride.  Folks at Muskogee believe he is the right person for the post because he is fresh, young, and he owes nothing to anyone.  Hammons will continue with his college education despite the new responsibility.  Everything will be organized and scheduled to allow him to meet all his obligations.  He will be sworn in this week, replacing Wren Stratton who decided not to run for re-election after only one term.

He assures the town that he will keep his promise during his campaign to clean up the town’s politics and establish an independent ethics commission and lock down campaign finance reporting.   If only the old politicians in our country had half of Hammon’s dignity and sense . . . good luck John.  Stay true.

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