May 30

Sex and The City: The Movie

Following the premiere in London and the official release in the UK, Americans will be treated to the movie version of the HBO series Sex and The City on May 30, 2008. The movie starts off with Carrie looking for a new home with Mr. Big and wedding plans underway.  The rest of the girls have their own problems to deal with and like the TV series, they find comfort in their friendship and find ways to help each other out.

The movie is no different from the series and other chick flicks.  Some find it shallow and ridiculous while others feel it would be better to call it Sex and the City: The Catalog.  Of course, most people do not have the patience for such girly stuff such as shoe fetishes, shopaholicism, Samantha’s libido,  and Charlotte’s insecurities.  But in the real world, girls can be shallow and most have such weird fetishes.

For fans of the series, it is a movie worth waiting for.  While those who have no patience for women’s atrocious habits, better stay out of the theaters. As for me, I want to see the movie if only to see Kim Cattral at 50 looking just as gorgeous as she used to.


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