Jun 01

Schoolboy Robs Teacher to Buy Grand Theft Auto IV

Are anti-game activists right? Has the gaming industry gone too far? A 13-year old schoolboy in Massachusets just robbed his teacher at knifepoint demanding for $20 so that he could buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a notoriously violent game where the character deals with gangsters, kills people, and consistently robs vehicles to complete his mission. When the teacher refused to hand over the $20, he asked for $1 instead.

I have constantly tried to tell my kids to avoid violent games such as GTA. I do find it violent and I am afraid it would make them numb to such violence and theft. Despite the constant reminder, they keep telling me that they know it is bad and are just having fun. I still worry though.

Some gamers though, insist that violent games are beneficial, contrary to what anti-games activists believe. They say that we all have a violent streak inside and these games are a way to release them. Instead of flushing out frustrations in the real world, the games provide an outlet for kids to let go of anger and anxiety.

Who do you believe? It’s a tough call. I don’t think it’s a black and white thing. The answer is as varied as the identity of every human being.

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