Jun 05

French Court Fines Ebay Over Conterfeit Hermes Bags

In what appears to be a landmark case against the world’s online auction giant, a French court convicted eBay for selling counterfeit goods and ordered to pay €20,000 ($30,000) in damages to French luxury group Hermes. In the court decision, the court held eBay directly responsible for the sale on its website of three Hermes bags including two fakes, for a total of €3,000.

The auction site was held jointly liable with the woman who sold the counterfeit items, the decision reads:

By selling Hermes bags and branded accessories on the eBay.fr site, and by failing to act within their powers to prevent reprehensible use of the site,” the user and eBay “committed acts of counterfeiting and imitation of French brand names … to the detriment of Hermes international.

eBay is yet to issue an official comment on the ruling. Meanwhile other expensive brand names and luxury fashion houses such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton and Dior Couture have also taken legal action against eBay before the Paris commercial court, accusing complicity in the sale of counterfeit goods without imposing any controls.

The court also ordered eBay to publish the ruling on its French homepage for three months. So, for all unscrupulous eBay sellers out there, be cautioned! . This would definitely have an adverse effect to eBay buyers and sellers and we all should expect major policy changes in the near future.

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