Jun 06

RIP: Gas-Guzzling SUVs

I never even got the chance to own one and now they are gone. Yes, SUVs plants in the US are closing down, making way for plants that will manufacture smaller and cheaper vehicles. The demise of the SUV did not come as a shock as it has been the focus of environmentalists for a few years now. However, with the surging cost of fuel, SUV owners had no choice but to let them go. Unless the trend in gas prices reverses, the SUV will just be another part of history. There goes my dream yellow Hummer H2.

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner announced this Tuesday that GM is closing down plants in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The closure will affect almost 10,000 workers as the market now shifts to smaller and more efficient vehicles. My brother was one of the lucky ones who let go of his Jeep few months back, trading it for the hybrid Toyota Prius. The Prius is considered the most fuel-efficient car in the US and has passed the million mark in sales in May 2008. According to my brother, it is now difficult to find one in the market with average gas prices in the US nearing the $4 mark. 12 states have already breached the $4 per gallon mark, the most expensive being sold in California at $4.398 per gallon of unleaded gas. While this is good news for environmentalists, the sudden change may leave the world reeling from the impact. Major industries rely on fuel and the world may not be ready yet to modify engines to hybrids or even to run on other sources of energy.

I think God is telling the world to start walking again. Or maybe we have become too lazy and it is high time we start riding bicycles again.

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