Jun 08

Foot Problems from Flip Flops

Did you know that podiatrists do not recommend flip flops? According to foot doctors, flip flops do not provide enough support for the feet with their thin soles and they have no arch support. They can cause irritation between the toes and fissures along the heels. Moreover, your feet are not protected from accidents such as heavy or sharp objects that can be dropped. They are not recommended on hard surfaces because of the minimal support.

Really now? I only stop wearing my flip flops when I go to the office. So far, I have not had any problems. Of course, I choose the flip flops I wear. I don’t like those with hard thongs and I prefer those with soft pliable rubber soles that are comfortable on my feet. As for arch support, there are flip flops that have archs such as my Crocs Capri. Besides, I don’t wear them for hiking, walkathons, marathons, or badminton. When I wear flip flops, it’s usually when I go shopping, watch a movie, or go swimming.

Due to the popularity of flip flops during summer, there have been several evolutions in style that are quite unusual. There is the soleless flip flop (ok, these aren’t really flip flops) and the topless flipflop. The topless flip flop sticks to the feet due to the tacky water-based glue that keeps the sole in place but does not come off the skin. It’s great when you need to get a pedicure. Of course, it’s only a fad. Yet, it’s fun to see the creativity that has been spent on something as simple as a rubber slipper. I don’t really care what the podiatrists say, I love my flip flops.

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